Residential Services

100% Fiber

Our network is 100% fiber optic cable delivered to your door. Your residence will be connected directly to fiber from our primary network, creating an unbroken fiber connection from start to finish.

Unlimited Use

A fiber connection relies on the speed of service you select. The amount of information that can be exchanged is not limited, and we do not cap or throttle speeds, so you will never be charged for data use.

Consistent Service

We don’t gatekeep our service or limit it by region, our speeds are consistent through all areas that we serve. If Mainstream service is available in your neighborhood, so is our fastest speed.

Get the internet you deserve

Our internet services are designed to fit a variety of house needs and sizes. Our Choice plan starts at 50 mbps download and upload speeds, which can easily handle your social media and streaming needs, and our Unleashed and Unlimited plan has a blistering 1 Gbps download and upload speeds.

How fast is that?

Take a look at the table below or the graph to the right to get a sense of how fast fiber internet is compared to other internet types.

The table below shows the time it takes to download a standard size song (3.5 mb) and a standard size HD movie (4.5 Gb) on various internet plans. Mainstream plans are shown in blue.

Average Internet Types


Mobile Hotspot



Choice Unlimited

Unleashed & Unlimited


4 mins

3 mins

1 min

8 secs

6 secs

<1 sec

HD Movie

99 mins

74 mins

27 min

15 mins

6 mins

45 secs

Choose Your Service

Choose Your Connection

Additional Services


Through a multi-step process, our local team constructs a new fiber optic cable line directly to the side of your home and brings the fiber inside to connect it to your router. The new connection is 100% fiber, start to finish. Our standard installation is $200, but we regularly offer special pricing and promotional rates, contact us for your neighborhood rate at (844) 752-6736.

For a detailed breakdown of what is involved in our installation process and what to expect, please click here.