Want to help your community get connected?

By joining the Quick Connect List, you’ve already taken a big step towards getting your neighborhood connected. Now we just need to see that your neighbors are interested. Communities that take the initiative in educating themselves and their neighbors have proven to generate more interest and get connected faster. Below are some ways in which you can get involved.  Whether you want to be very hands on or hands off, everything helps!

Door Hanger

Warrick County 

All Other Counties

Printable Flyers and Door Hangers

Joining the Quick Connect List is the easiest way for Mainstream to gauge the amount of interest in a neighborhood. If people in your area don’t have an internet capable of easily joining the list here, simply click the flyers to the left, print them, and return them to one of our office locations. You can also scan the flyers and email them in at sales@msfiber.net, or you can call to join the Quick Connect List at (844) 752 – 6736.  The more members on the Quick Connect List, the sooner we’ll construct our network in your neighborhood!

Want to just spread the word? Also attached are door hangers that explain the importance of joining the Quick Connect List, and the benefits of fiber. internet.

All of these items are also available at any of our office locations.

Yard Sign Drop Off

Our research has proven that approximately a quarter of our interest is generated by people seeing and responding to one of our signs in their neighbor’s yard. Interested in a sign? Click here and we’ll drop a sign off in your yard.  You can also stop by one of our office locations and pick up the sign for yourself.

Interested in doing more? Ask for an informational sign; it works with the same effectiveness as a yard sign, but also holds brochures and other information so that interested neighbors can educate themselves.

Additional Literature

Want to educate yourself or your neighbors even more about Mainstream’s fiber optic internet? We have additional literature that gives an in-depth analysis of all of Mainstream’s products, our process, frequently asked questions, and more. Simply click here for printable versions of all of our content. Also, feel free to stop by one of our office locations to pick up these forms.

Refer a Friend or Neighbor

Know someone that would be interested in Mainstream’s services that may not have heard of us?  Click here to refer them and we’ll send them an email or text letting them know about us so that they too can get educated and Join the Quick Connect List!

Share us on Social Media

Stay updated with Mainstream by following us on social media. By simply sharing our posts, or even liking them, you’re helping others stay updated and you increase the likelihood of your friends and neighbors joining the quick connect list and educating themselves. Click the images below to visit our pages where you can follow us and share our posts with your friends and neighbors.

Request a Toolkit

Interested in helping Mainstream’s cause? Request a toolkit. A toolkit includes yard signs, brochures, flyers, door hangers, and more, allowing you to best educate your neighborhood and get them connected.