Business Services

Customized Service

At Mainstream, we understand that your business has unique needs. Our business support specialists can provide you with a plethora of options to make sure that your business has everything it needs to keep moving.

Unlimited Data

You should never have to worry about how much data your employees are using; with Mainstream you need to only select the speed your business requires. The amount of information exchanged is not limited or throttled in any way, and you will never be charged for data use.

100% Fiber

Our network is 100% fiber cable delivered directly to your business. You will be connected directly to fiber from our primary network, providing service with the highest reliability and lowest latency available. Our team will install new fiber optic cable into your business.

Expert Support

Your business can’t afford to be down for long. Our local team of fiber optic specialists will constantly be on hand to provide you with rapid support for any issues that come up.

Solutions for your business

Our expert team of business network professionals provides custom business solutions for organizations of all sizes, including security, fiber transport from point to point, and wireless connections for large spaces.

Not only that, but Mainstream Fiber is one of the only internet providers in Indiana to offer true fiber to the business service. Unlike other companies, we don’t simply stop at the pole, but rather run the fiber all the way to your location.  This ensures that your business receives the fastest speeds with the most reliability.

Expedited services with custom care

Our Dedicated Fiber solution provides a reliable connection to multiple buildings at your place of business, along with expert technical support to keep you connected and moving forward.

Dedicated fiber line from our network is run to your place of business, and both redundant and non-redundant options are available.  Mainstream will provide a standard copper handoff, with a fiber handoff available upon request, that will allow you to connect to your existing network.  This service may also be combined with our Transport services.

Consultation required for feasibility and pricing.

Directly connect all your sites

With Mainstream’s Transport Fiber service, you can connect several buildings together with the same reliable fiber solution.  It’s perfect for schools, colleges, governments, and other businesses that have multiple buildings on the same campus.

Mainstream will provide a labeled fiber patch panel for you to connect as you wish.  This service does not require Mainstream internet or other services, however, it can be used in conjunction with them.

Consultation required for feasibility and pricing.

Fiber voice solutions for every business

No matter the size of your business, Mainstream has the perfect voice solution for you, with both digital and managed voice options.

Digitial Voice is available with all Business Fiber connections and it is perfect for smaller businesses, with support for up to 9 phone numbers, and you can even keep your old number and phones.

If your business is a bit larger or requires a more custom solution, our Managed Voice is a great fit.  It includes new IP phones, a dedicated private brand set up, can support unlimited phones, and even allows you to keep your current numbers.  It’s available for both our Business and Dedicated Fiber plans.

Peace of mind for all your sites

Mainstream provides a number of custom security solutions, with cameras and video management software to best serve your business.

We provide your team with a video management software called Video Insight; a user-friendly system that can be uploaded onto any existing computer and can be connected to up to 32 cameras.  Mainstream can even provide onsite Video Insight service for storage solutions.

As for the cameras, Mainstream provides a number of options including the standard security cameras, 360 degree, Pan-Tilt-Zoon, and bullet cameras.  These cameras are licensed by the Video Insight video management software, and connected directly to it.

Reliable connection, wherever you are

Bring wireless access to your team and customers with indoor/outdoor access point solutions to organizations that have a need to connect over large spaces wirelessly or provide Wi-Fi to a group.  Mainstream Wireless provides a low latency, reliable connection that covers a large area.

Common uses:

  • Campgrounds
  • Events
  • Churches
  • Festivals
  • Restaurants
  • University Campus
  • Parks
  • Downtown Centers
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Schools

Interested in getting Mainstream to your business?

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