Covid-19 and County Delays

Mainstream Fiber Networks continues to strive for connecting rural communities in Indiana as quickly and efficiently as possible. Throughout 2020, various set-backs were encountered including, but most notably restrictions and disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. It takes a wide array of people to engineer, construct, and deploy the new fiber-optic infrastructure required to connect your communities. Not only have our teams been adversely affected by the virus, but so have those of our vendors and government officials who aid in the approval of our plans and permitting. As supply levels stabilize from all of our vendors, we can resume our work toward getting these communities connected on Mainstream Fiber networks!  

While timelines for our Floyd and Warrick county projects were impacted at the start of Covid-19, additional aspects of those projects continue to be affected. Please note that prior to the pandemic, our team was well ahead of the timeline attached to our state funding. On average, when building infrastructure for a new county, the initial mainline is constructed and connected within approximately 18 months from when the project being announced. Once the mainline is in place, we can focus on expanding into additional areas of the county. Those expansion projects continue consistently for 3-5 years following the completion of the initial designs. For additional information and details on state grant-funded projects, please visit

While our teams diligently work to make up for any lost time, we sincerely appreciate your continued interest and patience. We will continue to provide updates on our website, as well as our social media channels as information becomes available. We look forward to continuing our mission of #connectingcommunities in rural Indiana and we’d like to wish all of you a safe and joyous holiday season!

For details or additional information, please contact us Monday-Friday 8am-5pm EST at 844) 752-6736 or visit