Mainstream Awarded Grants to Expand Service in Floyd & Benton Counties

On Thursday, November 21, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb announced the awarding of $6.3 million in grants to expand broadband service to Benton, Floyd, and Jackson Counties. The grants are part of the $100 million Next Level Broadband program administered by the state. These projects will bring service to over 5,000 unserved households and close to 1,000 unserved businesses.

Mainstream Fiber is honored and excited to be the recipients of the awards to help service Benton & Floyd Counties with reliable broadband access. This is the core of our mission: to bring affordable, reliable broadband service into underserved areas.

As we are in the very preliminary stages of this project, information regarding the service route and timeline is not currently available. We will continue to update the Benton & Floyd County pages of our website as our work progresses.

For more information about these awards and the Next Level Connections Broadband program, visit the pages below.

Holcomb Announces Additional $6.3 million in Next Level Broadband Grants

Next Level Broadband awards $6.3M in grants

State grant to support broadband expansion in Floyd County

Jackson County Rural Electric Membership Receives Next Level Broadband Grant

11 thoughts on “Mainstream Awarded Grants to Expand Service in Floyd & Benton Counties

  1. I live at 8837 Banet Rd, Floyds Knobs. There are a few if us that gave had signs in our yards for several months. It would be great if you could sand out a flyer to our area. We need another option for internet here. Our neighbors do nit understand they need to sign up in order for you to come here. I am sure you would have several sign up for your service in our area if your service was available.

  2. I also live on Banet Road and am interested in other options for faster internet service. I filled out the form months ago for Mainstream but have not heard anything back. I went to the Lanesville picnic and spoke to one of the people at their booth. The girl showed very little interest in our area so I walked away. I would consider us in a very underserved area at this point and hope we have more than one option coming.

  3. I live on Balmer Fenwick Road in Floyds Knobs and work from home. Our internet options are limited and not reliable. The lack of quality high-speed internet is even more pronounced now that my kids are trying to do elearning for school.

  4. We moved to Floyd county over 18 yrs ago ,to the NW end of Pekin Rd in Greenville and have been told every year “maybe next year” I hope Mainstream can make it happen for us soon.

  5. Have already a sign in my front yard. Working from home a lot of times and need High Speed Internet to be productive. Living in Lanesville on the Floyd County side on Smith Creek Road. Would love for you to make this happen

  6. I live on Chapel Hill Rd , Borden In. This is Floyd County and in the Greenville township. There was rezoning and why the address changed. I am between Cunningham Sarles Rd and Borden Road. I see signs in my neighborhood and am very interested in the service. I work from home via a VPN on my company’s site.

  7. When will we receive notice of Mainstream service for my area, I live on Scottsville Rd, in the Knobs and we are so desparate to have reliable and fast internet.

  8. We have been to the meetings, and written letters etc. We live on Cunningham-Sarlers Rd. and have pleaded with Spectrum to run service on our road, since it is at both ends of Cunningham-Sarles from our understanding. No go. We are currently subscribed to AT&T for DSL service and it is horrible. That’s the best they can do… satellite service reviews are not much better and twice as much. Absolutely not getting the speed or bandwidth advertised, and trying to communicate to customer service is about as good as pounding sand all day… but keep paying your bill, cause “YOU are important to us”… yeah, right. Our internet service is needed for business mostly, especially since the “virus” has overtaken the world. We have put a Mainstream sign in our yard and encouraged others to do so, and to call/write to Mainstream if you want better service. PLEASE, for all that’s good and holy, help us… run service on CS road!!! We will pay you!!!! lol.

  9. Do you have a timeline on when Floyds Knobs Area, specifically Balmer Fenwick Rd, will be able to have Fiber. I have noticed signs all the time even on Banet road but nothing has happened.

  10. We (three households) live on Sarles Creek Rd, Our combined properties extending To Edwardsville-Galena Rd and Highland Hills Middle School. We are very interested in a more reliable and faster internet service.

  11. you guys are in legacy springs i live on shenandoah ln we had signs in the yard for months how many houses do we need to get this service …..Iam over spectrum.

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