Our Newest Office is Now Open In Warrick County!

Our High Pointe Drive Office in Newburgh

Have you ever felt like your internet provider is hard to reach or out of touch with your community?

At Mainstream, we’re changing the way you think of your provider. We are local people with offices based in the communities we serve, and we’re proud to announce the opening of our newest location in Newburgh, Indiana. This office is located on High Pointe Drive and will serve all of our Warrick County customers.

When we begin connecting services in Warrick County, this office will complete sales and sign-ups, handle contracts and billing, and offer all other customer services needed. If you have questions or concerns or need to pay a bill, you can walk in and we will happily assist you.

Our staff currently consists of just three people; SamiJo Darhower, Front Office Coordinator/Customer Service, Jordan Lejman, Customer Service/Tech Support, and Lindsey Alvey, Area Marketing Coordinator. As we grow and our project progresses, this location will also house a local sales staff and additional tech support and customer service team members.

Front Office Coordinator SamiJo Darhower

In the coming months we will host a grand opening and invite members of the community to come meet our team and get to know more about our services.

The Warrick Office address is 8887 High Pointe Dr, Suite F. (We are in the building behind Walmart that faces Highway 66.) Feel free to stop in if you have any questions about our services; we are now open Monday-Friday from 8AM – 5PM. You can also reach Mainstream customer service at 812.720.9423.

16 thoughts on “Our Newest Office is Now Open In Warrick County!

  1. Your installers have dropped the poles along hwy 68. They have left them so close to the hwy that the farm equipment is having trouble not hitting them with their over sized equipment. We have very narrow shoulders up here. Please ask them to push them farther if the road. I’ve seen several near misses with cars and the pole ends.

    1. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I will forward this to our Outside Plant Department to make them aware of the situation. We build in accordance to what INDOT has given us for guidelines but we will see if we can remedy the situation.

    1. Kyle, while much of our project will encompass areas that do not have service, there are some parts of the county where our mainline route will overlap with existing service providers. Several factors go into determining the route of the infrastructure including existing utility routes, geography, and permitting. The main route also includes key community locations without reliable service, including school & government buildings in areas like Lynnville & Elberfeld. As this initial route progresses, we will begin to expand into the surrounding areas. If you are not on the map now, this does not mean we will not be in your area; it just means you may not be connected until after the first sections of the project are completed. Continue to check the map periodically to view updates and watch for more information as our construction progresses!

  2. If, on the map, our entire neighborhood is surrounded by orange, but the neighborhood itself is not orange, does that mean that there is no plan to service the neighborhood?

    1. Jonathon,
      Thanks for your question. The current map shows our mainline route only. Before homes and businesses in the county can be connected, we have to complete sections of this primary infrastructure. If your address falls outside of the shaded zones, don’t worry! This does not mean we will not be coming to your area. It simply means that you might not be included in the earliest stages of construction. If you have already joined our list, you will be notified when service becomes available in your area.

  3. Hi Lindsey,
    I hopes things are well. Mainsteam has not updated the quarterly letter. Are you crews continuing working during this time or all was is stopped? It would be nice to get the update.

    1. Kyle,

      Sorry for the late reply, haven’t been keeping up on the comments on the website as much as I should. Lindsey is no longer with Mainstream as of this time, which is one of the reasons that the newsletters haven’t been updated recently, alongside the pandemic, however we are aiming to have an updated newsletter prepared sometime in August. In reply to your other question, we have continued working during this time (broadband is considered as an essential utility by Indiana and so we have not stopped working during the pandemic). There will be additional information available soon both here and on our social media, thank you for your patience.

  4. Hi Matt, does Mainsteam have any update on how the project is going? My neighborhood has a lot of signs yet we are not on the map for future services, how can we get your attention?

    1. Kyle, thanks for reaching out again, we do have an update for Warrick County and we are on track to begin connecting the northern portion of Warrick County here before the end of September. (This should encompass the entire northern strip of the project – as seen on the map on the Warrick County map, and in the coming weeks you should see all the zones begin to light up) We were a little delayed with our rollout as the county requested that we do some additional testing on our network, but now that the testing is done and has proven successful, the rollout should be going much faster. As far as your neighborhood goes, and getting on the map, completing the initial backbone portion of the project is our primary focus, but we are working to expand off of it as much as possible, the easiest way to get a zone is to keep doing what you’re doing and notifying your neighbors and encouraging them to join the Quick Connect List, the more people in an area that join, the more we’ll take notice, and the faster we will move into the area.

      Our Regional Marketing Coordinator for Warrick, Amilia, should have a bit more information than I do. If you call into our office at (844) 752-6736 and request to speak to her, she should be able to help you more.

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